Cooking Classes- $200 Private Class or $35-$50/person (4 person minimum)

Learn skills, techniques, as well as how to cook specific meals in a fun, informative and non-stressful environment.  Services also available to certain specific diets such as (but not limited to) vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.  Wine pairings also available, ask for details.

Private Chef Services- starting at $200

Wouldn't it feel so luxurious to have a private chef come to your home and prepare a meal for you?  Even better, this service won't break the bank!  We will work with you to plan a menu to your liking & dietary needs, purchase ingredients, prep, cook, serve and clean up!  Additionally, we will provide a wine pairing if desired.  Contact us for details including menu options, pricing and wine pairing services.

Wine Tastings

Wine Tasting parties and events are a great way to gather a group of people in a fun, social & informative environment.  A variety of options are available, we will work with you to plan. Great for in-home neighborhood or friends & family events, or office gatherings.  Contact us for details and pricing.

Event Menu Planning

If you are looking for help planning a menu for a specific event or party along with wine or cocktail pairings, this is the option for you.  Prices will vary based on size and type of event.

Clean Eating Program- $250/month (3 month minimum commitment)

This complete wellness program is the best way to kick star your healthy, clean & happy lifestyle.  Program includes initial wellness session, nutritional assessment, wellness strategy, menus planning, shopping strategy, supermarket tour and weekly nutritional check-ins.

Nutritional Consulting Session- $75/hour

This a la Carte service is great for you if you are interested in learning more about Clean Eating & Living before making a program commitment, or works well as a refresher class if you have steered off of your healthy living path and need advice, redirection and motivation.  Also, if you just need some guidance on how to plan and prepare healthy lunch and snack options for you family and a program is too much for you, this is the option for you.

1, 2, 3, or 5-Day Juice Master Cleanse- starting at $45, $85, $125 & $210 

Researchers have found, that doing a regular juice cleanse, can remove toxins and blockages in your digestive and lymphatic systems, helps clear your mind, balances your mood, clears your skin & improves metabolism.  While the purpose of a cleanse is not specifically to lose weight, some weight loss is common- especially when incorporated into a healthy lifestyle and a consistent wellness routine.  Our unique, carefully crafted recipes were created to ensure that your juices contain the vital nutrients your body needs.  We make our juices in small batches to order, so that you will be nourished with clean, fresh, organic fruits & veggies, herbs, grasses, seeds and roots to help you on your continued journey of vitality, health and well-being.  Ala carte juices also available.

Supermarket Tour- $150 Private Tour or $60/person for Group Tour (minimum 2 people)

This fun and informative tour includes shopping strategy, understanding labels, menu planning discussions as well as discussions around organic, non-GMO, natural and learning about products and ingredients.

Clean Home Consultation- $150/hour

If you are interested in eliminating or minimizing the amount of chemicals that you use around the home, this in-home consultation will help assess and guid you towards living a cleaner, happier, healthier life for your entire family.

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