Uses of Lemon Essential Oil

Uses of Lemon Essential Oil

Most people tend to think about essential oils as only used in bath and beauty, but aromatherapy, when used properly, is an important part of the future of health and well being.  That's because essential oils are highly concentrated version of the therapeutic plants from which they are derived.  Their potent scents travel via the olfactory system, stimulating a healing response from the brain and throughout the body, depending on the properties of particular essential oils.

Lemon essential oil is among my favorites, not only because of its refreshing scent, but it also has a wealth of possible uses for health including everything from mood boosting to aiding weight loss. 

Healing with Lemon Essential Oil

Some of lemon essitial oil's many amazing healing properties include the following:

Mood Booster

Lemon has traditionally been used to elevate mood, and research in the medical journal Behavioral Brain Research supports this use.  The researchers found that lemon essential oil diffused into the air reduced depression and anxiety in mice.  On a personal note, I know that when I am feeling tired or blue a sniff of lemon perks me right up. 

Antimicrobial Aid

Lemon has long been recognized as a natural antiseptic, having antiviral and antifungal properties.  Adding several drops of lemon essential oil to your natural cleaning products (or homemade products such as Natural Lemon All-Purpose Scrub) can help kill microbes while freshening the air.  In a study published in the Journal of Food Safety, researchers found that lemon essential oil had antibacterial activity agains all 6 of the bacteria that they tested.

Skin Repair

Lemon Essential oil is widely used for treating acne, hydrating skin and repairing damaged skin.  It is naturally astringent and detoxifying and is reported to rejuvenate tired or sagging skin.  You can make Natural Lemon Lotion or Natural Nourishing Lemon Oil from a simple recipe and feel instant relief while enjoy the refreshing scent

Anticancer Power

Lemons are well-documented to contain a variety of anticancer compounds, including one known as d-limonene, which is largely found in lemon peels.  Lemon essential oil is extracted form the peels of lemon due to their high oil content.  According to some reports, lemon essential oil may contain as much as 70% d-limonene.  For skin cancer and other types of cancer, some experts recommend internal use of two drops 2 to 3 times daily; however, I don't recommend using essential oils internally with out the advice of a medical professional.

Weight Loss

Exciting research suggests that the scent of lemon could potentially play a role in weigh loss.  An animal study published in the journal Experimental Biology and Medicine found that the scent of lemon (real lemon, not artificial lemon) activated the nerves in fatty deposits, suggesting it may increase the rate of fat burning and suppress new weight gain.  Additionally, I regular suggest to clients that they start each day with a glass of water (warm or cold) spiked with fresh lemon juice (not essential oil), which is widely recognized to motivate metabolism.  

Using Lemon Essential Oil

While there are many lemon essential oil products on the market, most have been diluted with cheaper oils or contain harsh solvents used during processing.  Remember, the closer to its natural source a product or ingredient is, the better!  This makes it critical to choose an essential oil that has independent third-party laboratory testing, and ideally organic certification.  Lemon essential oil is generally recognized as safe for human consumption by the FDA- however many lemon essential oil products on the market are not pure enough for internal use.  Read the packaging always, and consult a medical professional if you have any questions.

For the purpose of massage or for sensitive skin, dilute three to five drops of lemon essential oil in one teaspoon of carrier oil such as organic sweet almond oil or organic fractioned (liquified) coconut oil.  Always do a 48-hour skin test when using new topical products.

In addition to using lemon essential oil in skin care or household cleaning products, you can also diffuse it to disinfect and freshen the air in a diffuser; simply add about 5 drops to a diffuser and diffuse for up to an hour.  Or, consider adding two to three drops to your dishwasher detergent or liquid dish soap to boost their antimicrobial action.

Lemon is classified as a top note, meaning that when added to essential oil blends, it is one of the first scents that we smell; however, it also tends to fade quickly.  Usually top notes should comprise between 5 and 20% of a blend. 

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